Impro-Labo® - Patients are customers

A patient comes to the emergency room with a painful but common problem. It is busy. The doctor on duty decides to handle the case efficiently. A shot will do the trick. From a medical point of view, everything goes perfectly. But the patient feels that his problem is not being taken seriously. A conflict arises. The situation threatens to derail …


'Taken from life' theatre

Reality? Or is it fiction? The interactive theatre performance 'Hospitality' balances on the border between both. Two actors and a moderator search, together with your employees, for the limits of customer-oriented communication. What is the human story behind a contact with a patient that has got out of hand? How could this problem have been avoided through more efficient communication?

To answer these questions, the actors play a series of scenes taken from daily practice, each of which focuses on one communication error. With humour, recognition and surprise as the main weapons, they challenge the audience to name problems and make them negotiable.

In search of concrete learning points

Together with the moderator, your people put their finger on the wound and look for the most constructive approach in various situations. All ideas and thoughts that come up are bundled in a series of concrete and accessible "do's" for patient-oriented communication. The actors immediately test these learning points and submit themselves to the judgment of the audience.

'Hospitality' is suitable for all your medical or administrative staff who come into contact with patients.

This product was developed in collaboration with UZ Brussel, with the support of the King Baudouin Foundation.


  • Performed by 1 moderator and 2 actors
  • Up to 100 participants
  • Duration: 1h30
  • Technical sheet on request

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