Impro-Labo® - Interactive theatre

E-mail is undoubtedly one of the most important tools for collaboration within organisations. At the same time, inefficient use of e-mail has become one of the biggest sources of annoyance and unnecessary costs in business.

the mailman always thinks twice

The person behind the mail

This interactive theatre programme focuses on the human story behind e-mail abuse. The 'cover your ass' e-mail, the 'cc-disease', the 'I'm afraid to say it so I'll just put it on mail' e-mail, the 'look how hard I work and what I achieve' e-mail: they all pass in review one by one in a dazzling series of humorous theatre sketches.

Without throwing a stone, we focus on recognisable human motivations that lie at the root of inefficient e-mail use. The scenes hold up a mirror and make participants think about the flaws of the current e-mail culture of your organisation.

Putting a simple remedy into practice

During the second part, we reveal a model that is as simple as it is efficient. Participants learn to evaluate an e-mail on the two necessary dimensions 'factual' and 'relational'. By remediating the played scenes with the help of this model, this programme offers a unique incentive for a constructive e-mail culture.


  • Performed by 1 moderator and 2 actors
  • Up to 80 participants
  • Duration: 1h30
  • Technical sheet on request

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