Selling = GIVING4

Impro-Labo® - Interactive theatre

"Taking on your role as a salesperson is so much easier
when you know that all you have to do is give."


There are many sales training courses in circulation. They contain a source of valuable knowledge and strategies. What else is there to add?

Let's go to the heart of the matter: the 'feel' that the salesperson knows how to convey. We find this right tone in a dynamic of giving. From this mindset, we provide a workable model for finding a natural attitude in each phase of the sales conversation. We also call it: authenticity.

Indeed … Selling is giving to the 4th, FOUR times giving.
No more … no less …

phase 1: contact - 'give SPACE'
phase 2: discovery - 'give ATTENTION'
phase 3: React - 'give ADVICE'
phase 4: Follow up - 'give CONFIRMATION'

© Klein Barnum 2010

Please come and listen!

Because Selling = GIVING4 is an interactive training course, in the form of a theatre performance for your retail salespeople.

I see you are still reading

Our repertoire performance is not yet specific to your company. So we want to get to know your goals, your company culture, your situation. We need that to make it a custom-made story.

What we can do for you …

We work for uw sales team; this will be their performance!
Our actors are ready to adapt to your company. They play situations as they occur in your shop / business / company, with a good portion of humour.

Rest assured; your salespeople will remember this for a long time!

Because in addition to recognisable situations, your sales team will be given a refreshing and manageable mindset:
Selling = GIVING4. This way, your salespeople will be able to make a success of every interaction with their customers!
We are happy to visit you.

…and then we will tell you which companies we have already applied this format to, and what the findings of our customers were.


  • Performed 1 moderator and 2 actors
  • 40 to 100 participants
  • Duration: 1h30
  • Technical sheet on request

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