10 Tactics of Power

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Who is leading the dance?

From subtle and covered up to overt and fierce: in many situations you end up in a power game. A commercial negotiation, a strategic meeting: sometimes the other person has you in a tight corner and there is nowhere left to go. How can you influence the interaction at such a moment? How do you regain control of the conversation? Analysis shows that we can trace the 'game of power' back to ten 'tactics of power'. In this workshop, you learn to recognise them and consciously use them yourself to stand firm in a conversation.

A fresh view on negotiating

Our actors take you through a series of interactions in which power shows itself in its various forms. The '10 tactics of power' reveal themselves. The actors test them, juxtapose them and unravel them in constant dialogue with the audience. The strategic peculiarities of power reveal their true nature.

Translation into B2B practice

First, we explore the 10 tactics in the context of everyday life. This is followed by a set of sketches in which we show the tactics in a B2B environment. This concrete set of sketches is a useful translation to practical and recognisable negotiation situations for everyone.

A boost session for everyone who wants to understand the game of 'negotiation' better!

The "Ten Tactics of Power" were developed on the basis of the "Ten types of Power" by Peter B. Stark and Jane S. Flaherty.


  • Performed by 2 actors
  • Up to 100 participants
  • Duration: 1h30
  • Technical sheet on request

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