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Klein Barnum Sensitizing and training programmes concerning communication and organisational culture for companies. Theatre as a touchstone for reality. Humour, empathy, insight and a unique (learning) experience you’ll remember. Interactive business theatrecommunication trainingfeature filmactors for training

praktijksimulaties praktijksimulaties Practice simulations

Practice simulations with training actors ‘Do’ and ‘experience’, indispensible in every communication training. The bridge between theory and practice, living exercise material.

For the trainer: a powerful instrument, comparable to a ‘flight simulator’ for pilots. For the participant: a 100% practice oriented and individual exercising session in a safe environment.

Klein Barnum: the best actor with the required skills on the right job. practice simulationtraining actorsrole-play

 business theatre  business theatre Business theatre

Business theatre Make strategic messages or sensitive topics accessible. Provoke the audience to reflection. Offer new perspectives that lead to motivation and the possibility to change.

The power of humour and recognition, the art to address every audience on it’s own level, the fun of sharp observations and surprising turning points.

Goal: inspire to approach new ideas with an open mind. Interactive business theatreorganisational culturechange managementcommunication

training training Training

Training To the point, challenging and concrete. An extensive set of working methods: interactive and/or humourous sessions with sketches, moments of reflection, assingments and excersising games.

Tutors or training actors reduce theory to it’s essence and look with the participants for the connection with their own practice. Change managementorganisational culturediversitycommunication skillspresentation techniques

video video Video

Video Feature film, training videos, promo clips.

A powerful, appealing idea to communicate your vision, point of attention or learning issue. An original point of view, sharp acting and a professional look. Feature filmtraining videopromo clipsensitizeactors

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