Business theatre, workshops, video

Harmen Lecok leads the company as Managing Director since September 2023. Founders Paul Carpentier and Jeanne Pennings - by training actor and director, respectively actress and drama teacher - remain closely involved in the day-to-day operations of Klein Barnum as Business partners. All three share their know-how with a team of over 50 professional actors, working in Dutch, French and English.

Your project: we guarantee success and quality by means of...

  • Empathy as a basic attitude
    Indispensible for understanding your objective in custom-made theatre. A lever to help participants develop insight during our workshops

  • Humour as a catalyst
    Humour can move mountains and open minds. It does not prevent us pursuing learning goals in all seriousness.

  • Programmes with a solid didactic base
    Our productions are founded on generally accepted theoretical and psychological models.

  • A people-oriented style
    This helps us fund the right tone to suit every audience.
    Respectful, not pedantic, accessible and inviting.

  • The conviction that every individual has abilities.