Business theatre, workshops, video

Klein Barnum is making business theatre, workshops, practice simulations and video since 1992. That is how we help you to motivate and sensitise your people and to develop their skills. Our customers are situated in as well in the public as in the private sector.

The company is led by Paul Carpentier and Jeanne Pennings - educated as an actor and director, respectively actress and drama teacher. They share their know how with a team of over 50 professional actors, working in Dutch, French and English.

We work tailor made, or you can appeal to our voluminous ready-made repertoire. Or action radius contains an extensive number of subjects concerning communication, organisational culture and interaction. We have build out an elaborate experience in translating content to theatre and interactive development programmes.

From labourers up to top managers: our target group determines our approach.

Your project: we guarantee success and quality by means of...

  • Empathy as a basic attitude
    Indispensible for understanding your objective in custom-made theatre. A lever to help participants develop insight during our workshops

  • Humour as a catalyst
    Humour can move mountains and open minds. It does not prevent us pursuing learning goals in all seriousness.

  • Programmes with a solid didactic base
    Our productions are founded on generally accepted theoretical and psychological models.

  • A people-oriented style
    This helps us fund the right tone to suit every audience.
    Respectful, not pedantic, accessible and inviting.

  • The conviction that every individual has abilities.