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Marcel has a hard time working with a Muslim. Evren refuses to accept the authority of a female team leader. And Ilse is afraid that the arrival of a blind colleague will mean a lot of extra work.

Managing diversity in the workplace is not an easy task. Many objections, fears and conflicts stem from emotions and individual convictions that are not related to work. How can you, as a manager, keep these discussions alive? How do you look for concrete solutions? And where is the boundary of tolerance?

This intensive do-workshop offers an answer to these questions. Using a variety of working methods, your managers will learn techniques to increase the support base for diversity and to tackle concrete problems efficiently.

  • Mapping opportunities and pitfalls
    A group discussion based on your diversity objectives brings to the surface the ideas, views, feelings and arguments that are alive in your organisation.

  • Communicating strategic choices
    The participants learn to communicate and follow up on the management's choices regarding diversity in a constructive way.

  • Managing Conflict
    The participants learn how to efficiently fulfil their role as conflict mediator. Both the coaching of beliefs and emotions and the search for practical solutions are addressed.

A variety of exercises, role-play and moments of experience ensure a variety of learning experiences at the level of each participant.

This workshop arms your managers, our Impro-Labo 'Dealing with Diversity' raises the awareness of the entire organisation. Combined, they form the ideal tandem to support your diversity policy.


  • Performed by 2 trainers/actors
  • Maximum of 10 participants
  • Duration: 1 half-day
  • Technical sheet on request

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