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Ethische dilemma's - Theater & Debat

With this programme Klein Barnum offers companies/organisations a tool to build a culture of reflection and responsibility with regard to integrity. As a format you get a discussion platform, in which we present several dilemmas, according to this roadmap:

1. A dilemma is made tangible through humour and theatrical magnification.
2. We discuss the dilemma in small groups, the actors/moderators assist.
3. The subgroups present their views. Klein Barnum moderates.
4. (optional) The panel discusses and gives its view.

Dilemmas - A choice of 4 dilemmas from

  • Using time/resources/knowledge for private purposes
  • Accepting gifts or tips
  • Sharing/keeping knowledge secret
  • Handling confidential information
  • Using skills/energy after hours during recovery time
  • Conflicts of interest with suppliers (orders to the company)
  • Using contacts for private purposes
  • Dealing with improper requests from your supervisor
  • Gossiping
  • Incitement to fraud
  • Ambassadorship

Sense of values

In order to achieve a value-driven culture, it is not enough to simply draw up rules. There is also a need to appeal to the employees' sense of values and common sense, in order to ultimately arrive at a shared sense of norm. And you can work on this through: open communication and debate.

A dilemma question rarely leads to a black and white answer

It follows from the nature of a dilemma that there is no single answer.

Can you accept a tip from a satisfied customer? The answer may depend on many factors. Up to what amount is it acceptable? Are there any conditions? Will this affect the service to other customers? Will this customer be given priority over other customers? Etc...

Klein Barnum puts forward a bold statement for each dilemma, which invites discussion. Under the moderator's guidance, we seek the nuance and define the possible conditions for exceptions to the ethical rule. Optional: Finally, a panel (consisting of a few exemplary people such as management, team leaders, representatives, etc.) gives its view on the dilemma.

With this performance, you put the focus on a shared sense of norm and a call for individual responsibility.


  • Performed by 3 actors
  • For all employees of an organization
  • Up to 80 participants
  • Duration: 1h30
  • Technical sheet on request

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