Customer centricity on stage

Bedrijfstheater: CARE, Customer centricity on stage

Nobody is against ‘customer centricity’, right? Yet, as a customer, you experience almost daily how service providers here and there fall into a range of 'unfortunately recognizable pitfalls': knowing better, minimizing, hiding behind the rules, passing the buck to colleagues, etc... While the basis of customer centricity is often lacking: empathy without judgement, solution focused thinking.

In this playful theatre performance, the actors hold up the mirror to the audience in a flashy sequence of sketches, with a balanced distribution between internal and external customer situations.

Interaction: awareness of own shortcomings

After each pitfall/sketch, we ask the audience to choose ‘whose side are you on’. This interaction takes place via colour cards and is therefore safe enough for everyone to participate. At the same time, it draws everyone into the pool to question themselves critically, a condition for a successful learning process.

This is what clients write:

"Klein Barnum powerfully exposes the most common pain points in dealing with customers. It is recognisable and therefore the realisation immediately arises that you have to work on it in your organisation."

"Klein Barnum confronts you with your small edges, but without hurting them."

"With the customer in mind (literally), you also get to see your own reactions as a service provider. Sometimes confrontational, always enlightening and instructive. Highly recommended!"

CARE: the elementary attitude in customer centricity

After becoming aware of the pitfalls, the actors also make the right attempt, helped by the correct DO's from the acronym ‘CARE’, where each letter stands for a phase in the customer contact: Contact | Adapt | React | End.

This formula sensitises and sends everyone home with a fresh view on customer centricity.


  • Performed by 3 actors
  • Up to 30 - 100 participants
  • Duration: 1h10 - 1h20
  • Technical sheet on request

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