Impro-Labo® - Interactive theatre

Stress - Reset the mindset

Negative stress occurs when the load exceeds the capacity.
Together, let's strengthen the capacity.

A theatre performance as anti-stress vaccine

In this sensitising presentation we create a common frame of reference: on what stress components can a group culture have a positive influence so that it creates a protective capacity? Through a Visual tool (the radar chart) we anchor the image of the safety net and sensitize the public to participate in a dynamic mindset.

Stress = Load / Capacity

You do not change reality like that. Tight deadlines, crowded agendas, demanding procedures and (too) fast changing environment, ... more than ever typical of our time. In addition, individuals respond differently to stressful situations. What is a prerequisite for one to function creates for the other pure stress?

In part 1 we show via sketches these opposite typologies and their stress allergies (based on Insights - typologies). How much individuals also vary; a common feature shows itself : Stress = Load / Capacity. We also accentuate the distinction between positive stress and negative stress.

Mentality happens to be more controllable. In part 2, we put the focus on the possibilities of a protective capacity. Do we poison the work atmosphere by focusing on missed opportunities, on errors, by shifting the pressure on each other? Or do we create a working atmosphere with emphasis on opportunities, on qualities, on joint shoulders under a future-oriented project?

Your visual individual anti-stress safety net

Analysis shows that we can break this down into clear base components, together they determine the strength of a person's capacity and form a personal safety net. The greater the safety net, the more an individual is protected against the negative impact of stress.

With humorous and recognizable sketches, we make the participants responsible to increase the joint capacity, more specifically in the area of: social support/relationship, recognition, competences, autonomy, assertiveness, putting into perspective, meaningfulness, recognition and focus on success.


Follow-up - Visualise the ‘safety net’ and discuss in team

With our Online Tool, each participant gets an individual ‘safety net’, compared to the team (or company) average. Use this radar graph in a follow-up discussion to define action points, or to discuss stress signals in the team, or between employee and manager.


  • Performed by 3 actors
  • For all employees of an organization
  • Up to 80 participants
  • Duration: 1h30
  • Technical sheet on request

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