IMPRO-LABO® made-to-measure

Interactive theatre with your ‘real life cases’

Interactive theatre

IMPRO-LABO® is a highly interactive learning and awareness method for medium-sized groups. Two actors play realistic situations from real life. Guided by a moderator and through constant interaction with the audience, they examine the best possible approach to various communication techniques.

The originality of our approach makes for a unique experience:

  • The made-to-measure formula guarantees a perfect fit with the specific reality of your company.
  • The participants recognise their own daily experiences.
  • A mix of reality and caricature ensures a humorous approach.
  • During the session, however, it is not the company procedures that are discussed, but the way in which communication takes place.
  • Via Do's and Don‘ts, we process the theory into a manageable playbook.

What themes?

The possible subjects at IMPRO-LABO® are clear: all communication skills for which we can define clear techniques. These include customer orientation, complaint handling, motivation, assertiveness, negotiation, sales, etc ...

How interactive is IMPRO-LABO®?

The audience is actively involved in the performance by:

  • Multiple choice questions that measure the 'feel' of the performance
  • Helping to find the cause of disturbances
  • Finding suggestions for solutions
  • Voting with colour cards


  • Performed by 1 moderator and 2 actors
  • 40 to 100 participants
  • Duration: 1h00 to 2h30
  • Technical sheet on request

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