The game of changes

Both in society and in business, change is increasingly becoming a constant factor for everyone. Despite this, many change programmes focus on the executives who implement the change. This presentation aims to empower the entire organisation: also those who are affected by the changes.

Bedrijfstheater: Changez,  Spel der veranderingen

The ‘Game of Changes’ invites the participants through theatre to look at changes in a positive way. The first part focuses on: 'Change, what does that do to a person? The audience experiences how the actors go through the different emotional phases that one can experience during a process of change. That way, in this first part, the impact that change can have is acknowledged.

Recognition of emotions

  • The actors play humorous, recognisable situations that make the emotional impact of a change tangible.
  • You are actively involved: after each scene, you indicate the phase in which you think the actor is ending up and the extent to which it is recognisable in your organisation.
  • Recognisable changes come into play: move, new customer approach, merger, automation, etc.


In the second part, the actors focus on what people can do themselves: ‘A person, what can they do when faced with change?’. The game shows, in the form of ‘ chance cards’ a number of concrete tips that empower and help the participants to get a better grip on the new situation. The actors re-enact and remedy a number of scenes on the basis of these ‘ chance cards’:

  • Ask the ‘reason why’
  • Speak up!
  • Expand your influence
  • Take a moment to be proud
  • Mistakes are allowed

The combination of humour/recognition/responsiveness is the ideal kick-off for successful communication during a change process.


  • Performed by 3 actors
  • Up to 400 participants
  • Duration: 1h00
  • Technical sheet on request

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