Addiction at work


Impro-Labo® - How to start talking about it?

Suppose you notice that one of your employee is performing less and less well. He is often late. He is less alert. His breath smells of alcohol. You know for sure that he drinks. What do you do?

How to communicate about addiction problems?

During this Impro-Lab you will search together with our actors for the answer to the following questions:

  • Do you mention the addiction problem, or do you just talk to your employee about his reduced performance?
    What is the best way to go about this?
  • What is the impact of an addicted colleague on the rest of your team?
    And how can you safeguard the good team spirit through coaching?
  • How do you reintegrate an employee after a long absence?

We help you identify the pain points and find the right communicative approach.

Work formats with the right tone

  • Recognisable theatre sketches with a touch of relativising yet respectful humour to outline the problems and identify the pitfalls
  • Challenging multiple-choice questions to exchange views and get things moving in the same direction
  • Concrete do's and don'ts to start a dynamic and constructive conversation.

This Impro-Labo was developed in close cooperation with specialists in prevention and protection at work.

Implementing the new CLA

According to CLA no. 100 of the National Labour Council, companies should have a preventive alcohol and drug policy in place by 1 April 2010 at the latest. This presentation is the ideal 'red carpet' for sensitising and arming managers to effectively implement this policy on the work floor.


  • Performed by 1 moderator and 2 actors
  • For executives and managers
  • Up to 100 participants
  • Duration: 1h30
  • Technical sheet on request

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