Motivating in times of change


Change feels strange...

People who are faced with a sudden change in their familiar work situation go through an emotional cycle. Resistance, distrust and the tendency to cling to their familiar ways of thinking and working often arise.

The workshop 'Motivating in times of change' gives managers an insight into the emotions and behavioural phenomena that play a role during a change process. Clear models, concrete examples and practical exercises help them discover how they can lead their employees through the stages of the cycle as smoothly as possible by means of a one-to-one coaching approach.

Recognising and responding to emotions

Using the Grief Cycle of Elisabeth Kübler Ross, we zoom in on the different forms of behaviour and the emotional mechanisms underlying them. What emotions are involved and how do they show up in the behaviour of your employees?

The participants exercise concrete communication techniques that are best suited to respond to this behaviour/emotion. They immediately test them by interacting with the actors using their own concrete examples.

Tools for open communication and participation

How do you communicate the philosophy behind the change concisely and comprehensibly? How do you ensure that your employees voice their opinions in a constructive manner? How do you determine with them how far their influence extends during the process?

'Motivating in times of change' provides the participants with the means to involve their team in the change process in a positive way.


  • Performed by 3 actors
  • For executives and managers
  • Up to 50 participants
  • Duration: 1h30
  • Technical sheet on request

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