Impro-Labo® - Interactive theatre

Veiligheid sequel

With the performance 'Safety under pressure' Klein Barnum brought together the minds of about 12,000 participants from all sorts of occupational groups, ranging from workers over foremen, site supervisors and brigadiers to captains, in many companies and emphasised the common responsibility towards safety.

The theatre work method deals pre-eminently with people and their behaviour. It is precisely this human factor that is an important key to a company's safety attitude. Through sketches, we examined 5 thresholds that prevent people from focusing on safety: Giving feedback, Giving instructions, Peer pressure, Reporting incidents, Daring to intervene.

THE SEQUEL - hitting the same nail ... only a little harder

We stick to our familiar theatre working method, which we use to appeal to people, and use all its resources: humour creates an inviting atmosphere, recognisable situations allow for identification, and challenging questions ensure connection and interaction. But we also pull out another register: in this follow-up performance, we play the game harder and choose to confront as well. In order to point out to the participants their responsibilities with regard to safety in a more compelling tone.

Structure of the performance

This follow-up performance again focuses on human behaviour, albeit in a slightly harsher tone. At the start, Bird's Pyramid shows again how important it is to communicate openly about incidents. Then we zoom in on the mechanisms that lead people to conceal incidents: shame, holding each other in check, threatening each other, keeping colleagues out of the wind. And we will also present well-known cover-ups: covering up, pretending not to notice, and deluding oneself with the help of deadpan phrases. Of course, with humour and recognisable situations, to keep everyone on board.

What makes an Impro-Labo® a unique experience?

  • The participants recognise their own daily experience.
  • A mix of reality and caricature provides humour.
  • Challenging questions provide connection and interaction.


  • Participants have already attended the performance 'Safety under pressure'
  • Performed by 1 moderator and 2 actors
  • Up to 100 participants
  • Duration: 1h00
  • Technical sheet on request

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