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Teamspirit Repair Café: interactief theater

Repair café - strong idea

In a repair café, we start from a very simple idea: If an appliance malfunctions, you don't throw it away, do you? You repair it together with others. You can even have fun doing it.

Is there sometimes sand between the wheels of a team?

In a happy workplace, people help each other, we see differences as richness, and we feel respected. But sometimes things go wrong. A remark is misinterpreted, a joke goes the wrong way, an older employee is not involved, a younger employee feels intimidated, ... And the result is a short circuit.

First understand the disturbance

There are always three parties involved in such a short circuit: the offender, the victim and bystanders. Through recognisability and humour in the sketches, we de-dramatize any tensions. Through interaction, we invite the audience to a frank and constructive attitude.

Revitalising the team spirit

The whole thing empowers the participants to 'fix what's wrong'. For one is always one of those three parties involved: offender, victim, or bystander. 'If the others don't do it, why don't you?'


  • Performed by 3 actors
  • Up to 80 participants
  • Duration: 1h30
  • Technical sheet on request

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