Eye-opener around transgressive behaviour

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Teamspirit Repair Café: interactief theater
  • Use the power of business theatre to sensitise employees collectively.
  • Give a clear signal about the desired corporate culture.
  • Communicate on this serious issue in a nuanced way.
  • Experience how tensions around the topic becomes debatable thanks to nuanced performance by business actors.

Repair café - repairing together

At a repair café, if something breaks on an appliance, you don't throw it away, do you? You repair it, and you usually do that together with others. This makes it both useful and binding. We think: if it can be done on an appliance, it can also be done on a company culture or TEAMSPIRIT.

Has there ever been sand between the wheels of your team?

In a fine workplace, people help each other, we see differences as assets, and we feel respected. But sometimes things go wrong. On stage, we show different degrees of disrespectful attitudes: from belittling jokes and condescending remarks without the offender being aware of it, to outright bullying behaviour where the offender profiles himself at the victim's expense. The sketches cover multiple manifestations of transgressive behaviour such as sexism, racism, exclusion based on appearance, abuse of a position of power (in academia) ... etc. Either way, the result always short circuits the team atmosphere.

First understand the short circuit

Such short circuits always involve three parties: offender, victim, and bystanders. Through recognisability as well as humour in the sketches, we de-dramatize the tensions wherever possible. Through interaction, we invite the audience to be candid and constructive. We visualise the best practices of a good approach to break the spiral of negativism. But above all, we plant the seed between the ears that it is possible to make a fresh start.

Revitalising team spirit

The entire process empowers participants to 'fix what falters', and to stop looking away from transgressive behaviour. Because people are always one of those three parties involved: offender, victim, or bystander. It is enough that one of the three dares to break through the situation. And ... if the others don't, why couldn't you be that one?


  • Performed by 3 actors
  • Up to 80 participants
  • Duration: 1h30
  • Technical sheet on request

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