Impro-Labo® - Interactive theatre


Our knowledge economy continues to evolve towards more autonomy and involvement of employees. We even speak of 'the New Way of Working'. Intrapreneurship is without doubt a basic condition to be successful within this new working relationship.

Klein Barnum makes a warm plea and invites your people to become more intrapreneurship in order to stimulate initiative in the organisation.

Building a culture of intrapreneurs

How do you create a culture where people have the opportunity to take up Intrapreneurship?

During an interactive theatre performance, we explore the playing field and look for a burning platform.
What are the thresholds? What are the advantages for yourself? And for the organization? And what are the conditions?

On the basis of a series of humorous but very recognizable sketches, we give the term Intrapreneurship a clear meaning, and break it down into 3 different levels

  • 1.0: Optimising tasks
  • 2.0: Clean up the shop
  • 3.0: Expanding the shop

The sketches and interaction moments lead to a concrete list of tips & tricks, to see improvements, to work them out and to get them sold.


  • Performed by 3 actors
  • For all employees of an organization
  • Up to 80 participants
  • Duration: 1h15
  • Technical sheet on request

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