Practice Lab - with training actor

Solo acteur

The PRACTICE LAB format is a no-nonsense practice session led by an experienced training actor. This format approaches the participant's practice 'as close as you can get' in a training environment.

Picking up signals

The added value of our approach lies in our actor's practice. As actors, we are focused - not only on what is said - but also on the non-verbal, or all the signals that conversation partners (consciously or unconsciously) send back and forth. EQ (Emotional Intelligence) shows itself in sensing and controlling these signals, a crucial factor in successful communication, or in other words in achieving 'deep communication' through non-verbal communication.

Applicable to all types of interactions

This format lends itself to training interaction skills such as: feedback conversations, motivation conversations, customer orientation, assertiveness, dealing with aggression, negotiation, sales conversations, etc. ...

Experiment in a safe environment

A 3h30 session accommodates 5 to 6 participants. This limited group guarantees an informal atmosphere, the short duration of the session packs a punch, and bridges the gap between theory and practice. The added value is unanimously confirmed by the participants, thanks to the following ingredients:

  • Practising with your own cases
  • Realistic and credible counterplay by an experienced training actor
  • Valuable and constructive feedback from the training actor and other participants
  • Structured by means of a HANDY SET OF INFOFICHES with techniques and models, tuned to the needs of the participants
  • Learning points focused on practical usability


Our practice lab actors are all experienced professionals who have been working as training actors for years. You can therefore count on:

  • Their knowledge of conversation techniques and current communication models
  • Their experience and feeling with the business world
  • Their talent to create lifelike characters
  • Their ability to give short clear feedback


  • Performed by 1 actor
  • Maximum 5 to 6 participants
  • Duration: 3h30
  • Technical sheet on request

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