Theatre on demand

Your message in a personal setting

Theatre on demand

Because there is always some ice to be broken. Because there is always more beneath the surface that needs to be brought to the surface. Or simply because clarity and insight can also be delivered in a pleasant way. Business theatre is the ideal bridge between message and audience.

With 'customised theatre' KLEIN BARNUM gets your message across to your audience in an expressive, playful way. Content or theory are translated into an image, sticking points are discussed through a comical angle. We use the power of humour and recognition. Your message comes across, it becomes more accessible, and it will be better remembered.

Whether you want to organise a festive evening or a serious conference, wherever message and audience meet, Klein Barnum's 'customised theatre' achieves your goal.

Interaction between theatre and speaker

Want to introduce a subject or cool down a hot topic with a refreshing laugh? Our actors pave the way for your speaker. They create a dynamic interaction that creates the necessary space and goodwill for an effective presentation.

Tailor-made to your needs

We thoroughly immerse ourselves in your story. What do you have to say? For which target group? Within which culture? Together with you, we distil the concrete content of the scenes. Based on your input, we look for a surprising angle. We will read out the scenarios to you so that you have ample opportunity to make adjustments.


  • Performed by 2 to 4 actors
  • Duration: from sketch to full-length show
  • For up to 400 participants
  • Technical sheet on request

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