VALUES − sleeping beauties?

Impro-Labo® - Interactive theatre

In our knowledge economy, the behaviour of co-workers is increasingly decisive for the success of an organisation. How do you turn your values framework into the compass to guide this behaviour?

Making abstract values concrete

Values have enormous moral authority. For example, nobody is against 'respect'. Yet this does not always show in concrete actions on the ground. Through sketches, we challenge your corporate values in concrete situations from the participants' daily experience. We focus on moments when things get difficult: values conflict, go against one's own interests or clash with the emotions of the moment. Through humour and challenging multiple-choice questions, we trigger an exchange. Which behaviour requires a value in this situation? How far are you willing to go in applying it? Where are the solutions to dilemmas? The participants immerse themselves in the impact of values on their daily work situation.

How do you achieve a miracle?

Values can only work if everyone applies them in function of the common good. In part two, we focus on recognisable human motives that lie at the basis of this phenomenon. The scenes hold up a mirror to the participants and make them think about the pitfalls in order to achieve a shared culture. What at first appears to be a miracle is given a clear definition. The key word appears to be 'trust'.

Together with the participants, we arrive at a clear model for approaching the other on the basis of trust, and thus creating 'common ground' without renouncing your own values. The ideal kick-off for awakening values from their beauty sleep and installing them in the cockpit of your organisation.


  • Performed by 3 actors
  • For all employees of an organization
  • Up to 80 participants
  • Duration: part 1 & 2: 1h30
    Duration part 3 : adaptable
  • Technical sheet on request

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