Practical simulations


You cannot change behaviour just by thinking about it.

A successful communication training cannot exist without 'doing' and 'experiencing'. A training actor helps to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Many trainers and training companies integrate our practical simulations in their courses. A session with an actor offers live practice material for the trainee. The actor helps to really implement the skills learned in a training course, workshop or Impro-Labo®.

Real-life role-playing

The actor puts himself 100% at the service of the trainee. The participants indicate which situations from their daily life they want to practice and test. A difficult customer, a stubborn employee or a formidable negotiator: our actors put themselves in the shoes of any character you want. They provide a highly recognisable counterbalance at the level of each participant.

Constructive feedback

The actor gives feedback on elements of the trainee's approach. What works positively? What is counterproductive? This gives the participant insight into the effect of his behaviour and the trainer the ideal platform to introduce learning points. Practical simulations give each participant the opportunity to experiment and learn in a safe environment.

Making learning fun

This work format provides an enjoyable, experience-oriented training that participants remember longer.

As a pioneer of practical simulations in Belgium, Klein Barnum has been building since 1992 a team of over 50 professional training actors, your experience experts. We deliver 'the right person at the right place' based on talent, expertise and preference.

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