Our team

Paul Carpentier Managing Partner

“I remember that we once thought we had covered everything with about 50 sketches, and that we had a ready-made answer to every question... So many years later, there are still new themes, changing contexts, and new formats. And for both our clients and ourselves, this has been both instructive and enjoyable ever since. If you ask me, this is the ideal cocktail for a job: being able to divide your time between reflection, empathy and a good dose of humour.”

Jeanne Pennings Managing Partner

“My choice for the training “agogic drama artist” in 1979 could be called an accidental inspiration. Using drama, acting, simulation to give people a boost in their personal development. After meandering in the world of theatre and television, I returned to the source. It is a pleasure to see it work every time!”

Nicolas Vandevoorde Management assistant

“Since the start of my career, contact with customers has been central, from hospitality to retail and now as MA. “Can you take care of this?“ or “Nicolas, I have a problem“ is a nice challenge. “Nicolas, I urgently need an actor!“ Occurs sometimes and is quickly arranged. “Thank you for the quick follow-up!“ That is what I do it for. Could it be that I have something with customer service?“

“Well done is better than well said.“
Benjamin Franklin

Mattias De Paep Freelance Scenarist

“Klein Barnum is a point where many lines meet: theatre and business, didactics and humour, theory and human behaviour. I love rooting around in all that. Always looking for the one form that 'fits' for me, the client and the audience. It is a constant creative challenge that sometimes costs blood, sweat and tears. But it also makes me a little richer with every project; as a writer and as a human being.”

Dries Beugels Freelance Scenarist

“I have always been fascinated by human behaviour in my writing. Why do persons do certain things, and perhaps just as important, why don't they? How can you make a character move within a certain situation? How can contexts help or hinder what you are trying to achieve? Klein Barnum's research is analogous to my personal work, where I search for the most believable scenes and settings that move people, make them laugh and above all move them.”